App: 11cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 75 - 110 kg - Size: 150 - 180 cm - Life expectancy to 34 years - Distribution: China - Colours: white, black The panda lives in China, its favorite food is bamboo! It eats up to 20kg of bamboo per day. Besides bamboo, it also eats other plants such as Gentians and crocuses. Panda babies are very tiny. They weigh just 90-130 g. Their skin is white at birth, but they develop typical panda coat pattern after four weeks. They are weaned from their mother for up to 5 months, until they take on solid foods. The panda’s coat is especially unique. Due to the large contrast between black and white, the outline of its body is hard to define. This makes them very well camouflaged in the day and they don’t have to constantly worry about attacks from predators.

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