MiniZoo Environmental Policy

Green Choice

Due to the decision by recycling firm REDcycle to remove soft plastics collection from Coles and Woolworths we have regrettably had to remove our 'Green Choice' soft plastic recycling shipping option at the checkout.

The good news is that there are plenty of other strategies MiniZoo has adopted to help the environment!

Packaging Materials

MiniZoo uses a combination of environmentally friendly and recycled materials to help protect your products during transport. By doing this we are doing our small part to reduce landfill. The materials include:

  • Soft pellets made of wheat or corn starch*. These are completely biodegradable and dissolve in water.
  • Cardboard boxes - more than 90% of orders are shipped in fully recyclable sturdy cardboard boxes
  • Padded bags (for small shipments) which are made from recycled cardboard.
  • Bubble wrap and plastic pillows. By recycling these used materials (sent to us from other businesses) to protect your products we are delaying them from entering landfill.
  • Recycled tissue paper and cardboard. We aim to reuse clean materials received into our warehouse within shipments from our suppliers. These materials are 100% recyclable.

*Please advise us prior to shipping if there are potential allergy issues and we will use alternative materials.

Packed box

Environmentally packaged ready for postage

Cardboard Cartons

All cardboard cartons received into our warehouse are batched and taken to our local recycling depot on a regular basis. Where practical we will also use some of these cartons to re-ship products back out to our customers. This means that some boxes we ship do have old stickers or other marks on them but we feel this is a small price to pay in order to help the planet!

Excess Plastic

We occasionally receive deliveries from our suppliers that include foam and other plastic packaging materials. Wherever possible we ensure that these materials are recycled through our local waste depot.


Updated 10th Nov 2022