MiniZoo Environmental Policy

Green Choice

As part of our commitment to reducing plastic waste we have introduced a Green Choice Option on the MiniZoo Cart Page (prior to checkout). By selecting 'Add Green Choice' you are permitting us to remove plastic packaging materials from individually wrapped figurines prior to shipping. MiniZoo will then recycle these waste materials (including soft plastics) on your behalf.

Important points to note:

  • If selected, there is a $2 AUD charge automatically added to your cart to cover additional handling costs by MiniZoo staff.
  • By removing the outer plastic wrapping some figures may receive minor marks through direct contact with other figures during transport. MiniZoo will include environmentally friendly packaging materials in the carton to minimise this possibility however, by selecting Green Choice, you agree to accept this risk AND that the products are non-returnable even if rubbing or scuff marks are visible upon opening the package.
  • Green Choice applies only to individually wrapped figures. Boxed sets, tubes and larger playsets are NOT included by default.
  • If you would like individual animals from larger boxed sets removed please select Green Choice AND ALSO include an order comment requesting this. You can significantly reduce the size of the shipping cartons and therefore further reduce waste by doing so.

Products still in their packaging

Products in packaging

Products out of packaging

Products out of packaging

Soft plastics saved and recycled

Empty Packaging

Environmentally packaged ready for postage

Packed box

Add Green Choice

Packaging Materials

MiniZoo uses 100% recycled materials (sourced from other local businesses) to help protect your products during transport. By doing this we are doing our small part to reduce landfill. The materials include:

  • Soft pellets made of wheat or corn starch*. These are completely biodegradable and dissolve in water. 
  • Padded bags (for small shipments) which are made from recycled cardboard.
  • Bubble wrap and plastic pillows. By taking these used materials from other businesses we are delaying them from entering landfill (which is what would otherwise occur). Using them as packaging helps protect your products and allows customers the opportunity to recycle them upon opening their delivery.
  • Recycled tissue paper and cardboard. We aim to reuse clean materials received into our warehouse within shipments from our suppliers. These materials are 100% recyclable.

*Please advise us prior to shipping if there are potential allergy issues and we will use alternative materials.

Cardboard Cartons

All cardboard cartons received into our warehouse are batched and taken to our local recycling depot on a regular basis. Where practical we will also use some of these cartons to re-ship products back out to our customers. This means that some boxes we ship do have old stickers or other marks on them but we feel this is a small price to pay in order to help the planet!

Excess Plastic

We occasionally receive deliveries from our suppliers that include foam and other plastic packaging materials. Wherever possible we ensure that these materials are recycled through our local waste depot.


Updated 5th March 2020