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mz-fam.jpgFrom left to right: Norah, Jenna, Kieran, Jason, Sandee, Tahnaya, baby Ella, James

MiniZoo was the natural online progression for our family toy business which began as a 'brick & mortar' store in Coffs Harbour, Australia in 2004. We observed the popularity of collecting realistic miniature animal figures over the years and noticed that many of our customers would travel from other towns especially to our shop to purchase them.

From very basic beginnings MiniZoo has grown into the most popular toy figurine destination in Australia. We have also welcomed a growing international community of figurine collectors and have proudly served well over 10,000 customers worldwide!

We aim to carry the full range of products from all the popular brands such as Schleich, CollectA, Safari Ltd & Papo AND make available 'new' brands like Mojo, PNSO, Creative Beast Studio and much more.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive online store dedicated to the imaginative world of miniature play and, in the process, make these wonderful products available to everyone, everywhere.

Kind Regards
Jason & Sandee, Kieran & Jenna, Tahnaya & James, Adelia & Nik and Amber


Further information...

Business Name: SM Smit as Trustee for Jaset Family Trust

ABN: 26 273 734 495

Trading Name: MiniZoo

Address: Unit 2/5 Forge St, North Boambee Valley NSW 2450, Australia

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Updated October 2021