Earn Points = Receive Discounts!

1. Create a MiniZoo account or sign in if you already have one.

2. Earn points. When you signup, you will automatically receive your first 200 points*. You can earn more points by completing any of the following:

  • Place an order = 1 point for every $1 spent (excludes GST. Points generally update within 48 hours)
  • Write a product review on Reviews.io = 50 points (note: these points will only be applied if we have requested a review via email)
  • Write a store review on Reviews.io = 50 points (note: these points will only be applied if we have requested a review via email)
  • Follow us on Instagram = 50 points (must click "Follow" within the rewards launcher to apply points)
  • Like us on Facebook = 50 points (must click "Like" within the rewards launcher to apply points)
  • Celebrate a birthday (once per year) = 200 points (must add your birthdate in the rewards launcher to apply)
  • Refer a friend = 200 points (when your friend makes a purchase through your link)

3. Redeem rewards. Once you've accumulated 200 points on your account, you'll be eligible to start redeeming rewards! 100 points will give you $1 off your next order. You must apply the coupon code given to receive your discount and claim your reward. Once you've unlocked a reward, your points will start over again. Choose to use your reward straight away, or continue to build points for a higher reward! 

You can check your points balance anytime by clicking the rewards icon in the bottom corner of the screen: screen-shot-2021-10-20-at-9.36.19-pm.png

Refer your friends!

In the rewards launcher, you will see the option to refer a friend. You can refer a friend to MiniZoo using your unique referral link in the rewards launcher. When a friend clicks the URL they will be taken to our MiniZoo homepage and given the option to enter their email address to receive a 10% off coupon code. This code is valid once for first time buyers only. Please allow up to 24hours for this email to come through.

When your friend completes their order, you will be rewarded with 200 points on your account. Each completed referral will reward you with 200 points. 

If you have any further questions relating to our loyalty program, please email Tahnaya at social@minizoo.com.au

Get started today!