How to Place a Layby at MiniZoo

1 Log in to your MiniZoo account Log in or create an account
2 Add products totaling $200 AUD or more to your cart and proceed through to the checkout
3 Choose Layby as your payment method


We will then contact you within 24hrs to arrange your payment schedule.

Note: This service is only available to Australian customers. Minimum $25 installments. The layby payment option is not available during major sales.

Important: Changes cannot be made to new laybys. Please check your order carefully before submitting.



Q. What is the minimum order amount for a layby?

A. The minimum is $200 AUD.

Q. What are the payment terms? 

A. We'll request a 10% deposit at the time your layby is placed. We then recommend weekly or fortnightly payments. Note - if a deposit has not been received within 7 days the layby will be cancelled. Minimum installment amount $25.00 AUD.

Q. How long can my layby go for?

A. Anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

Q. What payment methods can I use?   

A. You can pay your installments by PayPal or Direct Deposit.

Q. I'm from a country outside Australia - can I place a layby?

A. Layby's are only available to Australian residents.

Q. Why can't I layby during a sale?

A. Sale prices are a special offering during which time we reduce our profit margins. Layby's are costly for us to administer so we can't offer both sale prices and layby terms at the same time.

Q. When will my order be shipped? 

A. Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hrs of receiving the final payment unless you instruct us otherwise

Q. Can I add or deduct products to or from my layby before it is paid in full?

A. No - your layby cannot be changed once it is submitted.

Q. How do I know what my current layby balance is? 

A. You will be updated by email or through our account customer message system every time a payment is made

Q. Am I able to cancel my layby & receive a refund? 

A. Yes, the full amount of payments to date will be refunded less a $10 administration fee

If you have any other questions email us at today. We'll get back to you ASAP.


last updated 29th July 2021