App: 7cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 20 - 22 kg - Size: 80 - 110 cm - Life expectancy: 5 years - Distribution: North, East Europe - Colours: tan, brown The Lynx takes its name from the Greek word for light. It is also called a Lynx there. The name suggests the sparkling eyes of the lynx. Lynx love forests. They spend most of their time there. They are barely visible between the trees and shrubs because they are camouflaged by their spotted coat. The lynx sees six times better than a man and can hear the slightest rustling. The lynx is a predator. He eats at least 10 kg of meat per week, which is approximately the size of a deer. Deer are not his only prey. He also eats frogs, mice, rabbits, and mountain goats.