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Safari Ltd released the Doedicurus in 2016. This figure will help bring the prehistoric era to life for your little one. This dinosaur figure looks very similar to an Armadillo, and was completely hand-painted. Convert your little one’s playroom to a land before time with the Doedicurus! Fun facts about the dinosaur: The Doedicurus (Day-dih-core-us) was the largest known glyptodontid in prehistoric times. It could reach a height of 1.5m, a length of around 4m and could reach a mass of 1,910 to 2,370 kg! The Doedicurus’ shell was used for protection, and the scaly dino even had bony armor growths on its head for added defense.  Approx. 11 x 3.5 x 4.5 cm (LWH)

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22nd May 2016


Safari Ltd generally produces good figurines but this is not one of them. Size is way too small and paint job is quite sloppy.

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