Interesting facts: - Weight: 500 - 600 kg - Size: 150 - 300 cm - Life expectancy: 80 - 100 years - Distribution: America, China - Colour: olive-grey The alligator is a member of the crocodile family. Every alligator is a crocodile, but not every crocodile is an alligator!! Remember, alligators are large and dangerous animals. The alligator lives in water and can swim very well. With the help of its long tail and its strong legs, it can move fast in the water. The alligator spends the morning and evenings on sand bars and spends the night in the water. If it is hungry, the alligator goes hunting. Alligators are very good hunters. For the most part, they stay in the water, wait for a prey to appear and then grab it. Their victim is dragged underwater and drowned. As they can only bite, but cannot chew, they swallow the meat whole.

App: 12.5cms long