The Hansa Armadillo Puppet is a sweet little American Xenarthran friend perfect for puppet shows, imaginary play, and interactive reading. This unusual puppet’s armoured body is coloured black with brown patterned spots on its shell, its head is brown with black scaly markings, tall black ears, and a fluffy white underbelly. Its arms and head, with long nose, and beady black eyes, can be easily animated when you insert your hand into its body. This creature, who often rolls up into a ball when feeling threatened, is a perfect, unique companion.

Hansa 7969 Armadillo Puppet 

Please note: Hansa Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos. While this puppet has moveable arms and head, the mouth does not open and close.

Size approx. 46cm H

Suitable for ages 3+