App: 12cms long Interesting facts: - Life expectancy: 13 - 20 years - Distribution: Europe, Asia, Africa - Colour: black Spiders need their silk threads for various purposes. They use the silk to make webs or other structures, which function as nets to catch other animals or as nests or cocoons for protection for their offspring. They can also suspend themselves using their silk. Funnel-web spiders are cave spiders that build funnel-shaped webs that are narrower in the middle, hence their name. The funnel-web spiders have 8 eyes arranged in two superimposed transverse rows.

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4th Jul 2016


I'm new to Bullyland and I'm impressed, tons of detail and great paint application, a very menacing spider indeed. Just as impressive from top down or behind. And the fangs are sharp enough that they catch skin if you run your hand under them... Awesome.

6th May 2016


I love this, fairly large, it look very aggressive and show fangs.

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