The Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Hand Puppet is a relaxed and fluffy feline that comes to life as soon as you insert your hand and animate its face and body. With your help, she can lick her paws and softly purr. It is made of super soft, plush, furry fabric, which is white on her legs, tummy and face, and various shades of brown on her back, tail and head. Its captivating blue eyes, long white whiskers, pink leather nose and paw pads, ensure this kitty will never let ‘curiosity’ get the better of her. Folkmanis cat puppets make the perfect feline friend to play in your interactive reading experience, imaginative adventure, sing-a-longs and puppet shows.

Folkmanis 2558 Ragdoll Cat Hand Puppet

Please note Folkmanis Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos.

Approx. 71cm long

Suitable for ages 3+