Eofauna’s Diplodocus Carnegii is sculpted to a 1:40 scale (an impressive 62cm long!) and stands in a walking position with its mouth open. It has been painted predominantly light brown with a darker shading on its legs, tail and the lower half of its body, and along the ridge of its entire body are small spiky spines. Scaly skin and wrinkled detailing is evident across its ancient body from its small mouth, down its long neck, across its strong and muscular torso, as well as down its impressive tail and all four legs. This is the first time a figure has been created based on a 3-D musculoskeletal reconstruction published in a scientific study, making this magnificent sauropod the perfect addition to your prehistoric home museum, and it even comes with a collectable information card.

Eofauna 007 Diplodocus. Released 2022.

1:40 scale

Approx. 62 x 11cm (LH)

Made from solid PVC & painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.