App: 7.5cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 10 kg - Size: 60 - 90 cm - Life expectancy: 12 years - Distribution: Eurasia, North America - Colour: reddish brown, white The fox is often described as smart. If a fox goes to search for prey, it does it in a clever way. He lies on his back on the floor and pretends to be dead. When an animal approaches, for example, a bird, it thinks that the fox is dead and so it wants to feed. The fox notices the animal and catches it. The fox is not picky when it comes to finding food. It hunts rodents, rabbits, birds and small sheep. If it cannot find its favorite food, it will also eat worms, insects and snails.

Bullyland Fox 64445

Approx: 7 x 3.5 x 4.5cm (LWH)