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Here at MiniZoo, we stock a bunch of awesome brands, but two of our most popular ranges are Schleich and CollectA. Both of these collections include a huge variety of super realistic, great quality animal figurines, and when shopping for your models, it can be helpful to get to know these two brands in order to make the best choice for you. So I’m going to give you some helpful hints to compare the two, including their similarities and differences, whether you’re after model animals for display or imaginative play for little hands.

Similarities between Schleich and CollectA

  • Size Matters
    The sizing between the two brands is pretty comparable, so mixing between them is easy. The dogs and the dinosaurs are slightly different, scale-wise, so always double check the sizing measurements in the product description if you’re unsure about these.

  • Quality Over Quantity
    The quality is also comparable as both brands make their products from the same materials. Both Schleich and CollectA use PVC and all figures are hand painted.
  • It’s in the Detail
    Both Schleich and CollectA produce highly detailed animal models, but CollectA’s newer releases are especially detailed, perfect for collectors who might be after particularly realistic models.
  • Wear and Tear
    As mentioned above, it’s important to note that all models from the Schleich and CollectA ranges are hand painted, which means that there may be slight differences between batches, photos of the animal figures, and what you may receive in your order. Depending on your use of the figures, some wear may be noticed over time. If used in water play, sensory activities or in rough play, slight paint fading or scratches may occur, as is with any toys when they’re in small hands.
  • Touchy Feely
    While they’re made from the same materials, some particular models will have a different texture when feeling the plastic, like some of the sea animals or horses.

Differences between Schleich and CollectA

  • A Wide Variety
    While the Schleich range is impressive, CollectA certainly have more choice.
  • Size Specific
    As mentioned earlier, the sizing is comparable between the two brands, however, CollectA also stocks Deluxe Horses and Dinosaurs which are larger than the standard size. They also offer Mini Tubes which can be great for a variety of activities. Schleich do not offer such size specific ranges.

  • Giving Gifts
    CollectA Gift Sets are a great way to help others begin their collections, or to save a couple of dollars, and get several figures all at once. Schleich do offer Starter Sets which can do the same thing, but they only offer two sets, one for the Farm World range and one for the Wild Life range; CollectA’s gift set range is larger.
  • From Another World
    Schleich offers figurines from the enchanted realms of Bayala and Eldrador, allowing little ones to make believe with fairies, elves, unicorns, dragons, monsters and more. The Smurfs can also be found amongst the Schleich collection. A couple of unicorns can be found in CollectA’s range, but if you’re after magical beasts and creatures, Schleich is where you’ll find them.
  • The Price is Right
    Both brands are very reasonably priced, but of the two brands, CollectA is slightly cheaper.
  • Seal it with a Stamp
    For those who notice the smaller details, on the bottom of your figures you will usually find a brand or stamp with some information about the product. CollectA figures have the brand name and animal name stamped onto them, while Schleich models only have the year they were made.
  • Perfect Play Sets
    Schleich offer various large play sets within their many categories. Whether its a Horse ShowRiding School, or Stable from the Horse Club range, a Dino Research Station or Quad Escape from the prehistoric Dinosaurs range, an Animal Rescue Helicopter, or Croc Jungle Research Station from the Wild Life range, or Rabbit HutchCow Washing StationHen CoopVet VisitTractor, or Tree House from the Farm World range, you will find something perfect to keep you tend to your animals. While CollectA offer some individual accessories, their range doesn’t include such large play sets
  • Releases and Retirements
    Schleich regularly release new figures and retire older models, replenishing their range and improving their detail and accuracy. This is great, but can also mean that particular animal models can be harder to come by as Schleich often retire models without replenishing or recreating them in a newer figure. CollectA, on the other hand, still have figures from a while ago (some from 20 years ago) and so, while their newer models are exquisitely detailed and realistic, they do still keep their older models in their range which sometimes don’t quite match their level of detail.

So, you want to know the bottom line? Here at MiniZoo, we love all our brands, their similarities and their differences. Ultimately, we recommend mixing our brands together to make your animal collection the best it can be. Because the sizing is comparable, you can comfortably choose which animal you like from either brand and build your collection from both.

Jenna @ MiniZoo