PNSO’s Evan the Tylosaurus is an impressive model of the fierce marine predator, the largest mosasaurus in prehistoric oceans. Its long and strong body is painted predominantly navy blue with a cream underbelly, its pink mouth wide open showcasing tiny but sharp teeth (its upper jaw featuring two rows). It also features four short and powerful flippers, an asymmetrical tail fluke, and muscular wrinkled detailing with smooth and fine mesh-like scales all over its body ensuring a realistic finish.Included with this model are two transparent display stands making it easy to imagine this predator model swimming in prehistoric oceans, as well as an informative booklet & poster featuring art by renowned Paleo artist Zhao Chuan, ensuring this marine model is perfect for your home dinosaur museum.

PNSO 102057 Evan the Tylosaurus. Released 2021

Model size approx. 31 x 8.5cm (LH). Measuring 40cm length along the curve.

Box size approx. 36 x 11 x 14cm (LWH)

Scale 1:35 based on a 14m individual

Made of PVC.

Suitable for ages 3+