Schleich’s Tapir Calf is a great model of the juvenile pig-like jungle herbivore. It is sculpted in a walking position with its front right leg mid-step. Its body is coloured dark brown with white spots and stripes all over its back and face, a unique pattern that helps it to camouflage in the jungle, and will begin to change as it matures. This model is beautifully detailed all over its body, including textured fur, and its unique facial features such as its sweet ears and small nose trunk. The Tapir Calf pairs perfectly with the Schleich adult Tapir, so add this wild duo to your jungle animal collection.  

Schleich 14851 Tapir Calf. Released 2022.

Size approx. 5.6 x 2.1 x 3.4cm

Suitable for ages 3+

Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.