PNSO’s Aubrey the Torosaurus and Dabei is a box set of the herbivorous pair, with Aubrey sculpted in walking position, looking ahead and a curious Dabei similarly posed, looking around. This ceratopsian prehistoric pair both feature an elongated neck frill, with Aubrey’s showcasing a beautiful and unique pattern with orange, yellow, dark green and black, as well as two long horns above each eye and a short horn on its nose which were likely used to defend against predators, making these herbivores great prehistoric defenders. Aside from her neck frill, Aubrey’s colouring is brown, with lighter colouring on her underside and darker colouring on her legs, back, tail and head.Dabei is similarly coloured with brown, however, its neck frill and horns are still growing and do not yet feature their unique pattern. Both dinosaurs are covered in spotted, scaly detailed, wrinkled skin making them appear as realistic as possible, and Aubrey features an articulated jaw. This model dinosaur duo also comes with20 sci-art posters, 48 page manual and a unique QR code which can be scanned to reveal a video on how the model was created, making Aubrey and Dabei a great addition to your dinosaur collection or home museum. 

PNSO 3301016 Aubrey the Torosaurus and Dabei. Released 2022

Model size approx. Aubrey (adult) 23 x 12.2cm (LH), Dabei (juvenile) approx. 5.5cm long

Scale 1:35

Made of eco-friendly PVC.

Suitable for ages 3+