App: 5cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 1.5 - 5 kg - Size: 40 cm - Life expectancy: 15 - 20 years - Colours: mostly white, brown, black, brightly coloured The female domestic chicken is called a hen or chicken. The red crest on the head and the wattle are typical characteristics of these animals. The hen lays 250-300 eggs per year. The development from egg to egg yolk and finally egg white and shell takes 24 hours. Domestic chickens are birds that live most of their time on the ground. They cannot fly very well, but run very fast. They can only see well at close distances. They cannot identify anything farther than 50 meters away. Chickens eat plants, meat, fish, grains, insects and worms. The domestic chicken lives mostly outside on the lawn. At night they need a stable where they are protected from the predators and the cold.