Everything You Need To Know About Mini Figurine Tubes

In the realm of imaginative play and sensory exploration, mini figurine tubes offer a world of endless possibilities. These small treasures not only stimulate young minds but also provide avenues for creativity and learning. Four well-known brands provide a diverse range of tube-sized figurines across various themes. Let's examine all 4 brands: Safari Ltd ToobsMojo TubesWild Republic Tubes, and CollectA Tubes, and assess what each brand has to offer.

Safari Ltd Toobs:

With a reputation for quality and variety, Safari Ltd Toobs stand out as the pinnacle of mini figurine collections. While they may be the most expensive option, the investment is well worth it. Each tube boasts an impressive assortment of 6 to 16 meticulously crafted figurines, offering over 100 themes to choose from. From animals and prehistoric life to Fruits & Vegetables, Flowers, World Landmarks and more, Safari Ltd Toobs cater to a wide range of interests with their detailed designs. They are perfect for school projects, DIY activities and even cake toppers.

Mojo Tubes:

New on the scene, Mojo Tubes bring a fresh perspective to mini figurine collections at a reasonable price. These tubes offer a good level of detail and include 12 miniature figurines per pack. While they focus solely on animal and dinosaur themes, Mojo Tubes ensure consistency in size across different themes, making them ideal for cohesive play experiences.

CollectA Tubes:

For budget-conscious consumers who refuse to compromise on quality, CollectA Tubes emerge as the top choice. These tubes boast the highest level of detail in their figurines. Each pack contains 10 to 12 miniature figurines, all featuring lifelike accuracy. Like Mojo Tubes, CollectA Tubes focus exclusively on animal and dinosaur themes, maintaining uniformity in size across the collections.

Wild Republic Tubes:

Offering affordability and versatility, Wild Republic Tubes cater to a wide audience of young adventurers. These tubes feature a diverse range of themes, including space, mermaids, and fairies, in addition to animals. While some may find the level of detail slightly lacking, each pack contains 8 to 24 figurines, ensuring ample opportunities for imaginative play. It's worth noting that figurines may vary in size between themes, accommodating different play scenarios.


What is the detail like across the brands?

Each brand of mini figurines has its own unique look. Some brands offer colourful figurines, while others have more intricate detailing. Most of these miniature figures are reproductions of existing larger figurines and are surprisingly detailed despite their smaller size. Check out the comparison below to see the details of each brand.

How do the sizes compare across the brands?

Tube figurines are miniature models that are small in size, averaging 4-6cm for each figure (some may be shorter, some longer, some taller). These figurines are perfect for a range of activities, including educational learning, imaginative play, and more. They are also great for use in play trays, sensory bins, and other similar setups, due to their compact size. Despite being manufactured by different brands, the sizing of the animals in these tubes is generally consistent, ensuring that you can mix and match different sets without any issues.

"Other" items, such as Vehicles, Fossils, and Tools by Safari Ltd are larger than the mini animal figurines. We also notice a standout in size difference between the Wild Republic tubes, where the horses from the Horse Tube are larger than the figures in the Endangered Animals Tube, for example.

What is the size difference between tubes and larger sized figurines?

Below you can observe a comparison of each brand, where the smallest figure displayed is from a tube, and the larger figurines are available for purchase individually. (The exception being the Wild Republic example, where the larger figure comes from a Polybag).

Do the mini figures have the name of the animal on them?

CollectA Tube and Safari Ltd Toob figurines feature the name as a stamp underneath the figure. Though they can be small to read, they are particularly helpful for learning animals, and remembering those dinosaur names!

Wild Republic figures vary between the tubes. While some do offer the name underneath them, others such as the insects and butterflies, do not, and simply have the stamp 'China' underneath them.

Mojo mini figurines do not offer the name of the animal on them and simply have the brand name stamp, and the year of release on them.

Are the mini figures waterproof?

All tube figurines are solid so you don't have to worry about water getting inside. While mini figurines are great for water play and messy sensory activities, they should not be submerged for extended periods of time and should always be dried thoroughly after use in water.

To summarize, mini figurine tubes offer a delightful playtime experience for kids, stimulating their creativity, imagination, and sensory exploration. Whether you choose Safari Ltd Toobs with their vast range of options, Mojo Tubes with their reliable quality, CollectA Tubes with their affordability, or Wild Republic Tubes with their versatility, each brand provides something special to enhance your child's playtime adventures. Choose your favourite brand or mix it up for a great variety - all are available to purchase right here at MiniZoo.