Stegosaurus Museum Line

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App: 22.5cms long The Stegosaurus is a genus of stegosaurid armored dinosaur. It lived in North America. It was approximately 6 metres long and 2.5 metres high and had thick, two-row bone plates distributed over the back and huge spikes on the tail to protect itself from enemies. The Stegosaurus was a pure vegetarian and moved slowly on all four legs. Due to its small head size, it only had a tiny brain, but in the spinal cord it had a second nervous system ten times bigger.

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1 Review

21st Jan 2017

Under-rated Stegosaur figure

This one tends to get a bit over-looked in regard to the the many depictions of the animal on the market. It is one of the obligatory dinosaurs that every manufacturer of Dinosaur figures / models must have in the range. Bullyland's version is a good size, captured in a very dynamic pose with tail held high, head down and in mid stride. I don't know who first coloured these guys in green and orange but by now it seems to be the go-to colour scheme for Stegosaurs! At least four of the various models I have are sporting it. Worth a purchase.

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