Welcome to MiniZoo's free printables library! We've created some activities and play prompts to keep your little one entertained. Simply save these images and print! They are all made to fit an A4 piece of paper.

Please share your finished creations with us on our VIP Facebook group or by tagging us on Instagram. We'd love to see!


 a4-paper-papo-dino-maze-final.jpg a4-paper-what-is-the-colour.jpg a4-paper-fill-in-the-blanks-collecta-animal-spelling.jpg a4-paper-count-the-minis.jpg a4-paper-match-animals.jpg 


Play Prompts:

a4-paper-play-prompt-nature-walk.jpg a4-paper-play-prompt-do-you-have.jpg

a4-paper-play-prompt-land-or-sea-smaller.jpg a4-paper-play-prompt-wild-or-farm.jpg