App: 9.3cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 100 g - Size: 17 - 20 cm - Life Expectancy: 8 - 10 years - Distribution: Australia - Colours: blue, green, yellow The term Betcherrygah was used by indigenous people of the Liverpool plains (part of the north-western slopes of New South Wales in Australia). The word budgery itself, also spelt boojery, was formerly in use in Australian English slang meaning “good”. The budgerigar is also informally nicknamed “budgie”. The natural habitat for the budgerigar is the savanna, grasslands and open grassy areas. They are frequently kept as pets. If they are kept as pets, they need sorghum, oats and various seeds. If you buy their food from the pet store, then you can make sure they have everything they need in your diet. Don’t forget that they need to drink a lot. When they live in the wild, they also eat insects to get enough protein.