The Yutyrannus Huali Y-Rex was the  first model produced by REBOR. It is a 1:35 scale replica of Yutyrannus based on the result of the latest research. The model is made of CE standard top quality PVC, the base is made of polystone, solid and heavy. The mold is constructed with the latest industrial technique to build the dinosaur into one piece, hence no seam to ruin the details of the model. The lower jaw of the YREX is movable so the mouth can be opened or closed. Box size: 31 x 18 x 8 cm Dino approx. 26cm long x 10.5cm tall Display base approx. 3cm high * please not this is not a toy but a Collectors Item, museum quality.

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5th Jan 2018


This model is superb down to the very last detail.The Yutyrannus is just about as accurate as you can get when it comes to the current information we have about this animal. details of the model are excellent. It stands easily on its own two accurately proportioned feet, which are actually positioned almost in line with each other; a nice detail on this tyrannosauroid, as recently discovered footprints of its famous relative were also in line! Rebor have tried to make this superbly detailed.

16th Oct 2015

Great model

This model has fantastic detail. But mine had slight warping of the legs and the jaw is a bit uneven, but still recommend for any dinosaur fan, and is a good start to my collection. *MZ note: The warping can be resolved by running the model under hot water until the plastic is soft, then holding the legs in the correct position while it cools down (run under cold water)

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