WIA’s Brigitte Eberl Edition Lancelot Bay Pinto is an excellent model of the strong and muscular Hanoverian stallion. He is sculpted by world renowned model horse artist Brigitte Eberl, in a standing position, looking ahead, and is painted dark brown, with a large white patch covering part of his neck and body. A white star is featured on his forehead and white socks are evident on his legs above his cream, glossy hooves. Lancelot is an exceptional model, perfect for your equine collection. 

10005 WIA Brigitte Eberl Edition Lancelot Bay Pinto. Released 2021.

Made of PVC.

Recommended for ages 9+ and best suited as collectible models for display purposes rather than play.

Approx. 13 x 3.5 x 12 cm

Scale: 1:18

Please note: All WIA figurines are hand-painted. This makes each figurine unique and your model may vary from the image above.