REBOR's Wind Hunter is an accurate replica of the Utahraptor. He is sculpted in a running pose with one leg lifted high off the ground and raised wings. Featuring an articulated jaw and removable base, this replica is the perfect addition to your next diorama. Box approx. 26 x 8 x 15.2 cm (LWH) Wind Hunter's Baby Breeze also available (sold seperately).

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17th Dec 2017

fantastic model

fantastic model, The quality of the sculpt is the best of Rebor’s general range so far. Highly dynamic and filled with predatory intent in its pose, caught mid-sprint with those killer claws raised, and powerful forearms spread for steering or pouncing, depending on how you pose them. The feathers on the forearms are individually sculpted and painted. The whole paint scheme is very effective and realistic.

3rd Feb 2017

Unstable Utahraptor

I would have LOVED to give this 5 stars. The paint job is gorgeous and Rebor have really gone out of their way to make his running pose dynamic and different...a very brave move. Unfortunately, the figurine warped within minutes of me standing it up and now is permanently leaning to the side. While this still looks cool, I'm sure this isn't what the creators had in mind. He really needs stronger plastic for the supporting leg and less "body weight" to stop him being top heavy. Still a gorgeous figurine though!

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