REBOR brings us another masterpiece of sculpture and design with the indomitable Tyrannosaurus Rex Vanilla Ice. The PVC figure measures an impressive 42cm in length and features an articulated jaw and flexible tail. Every scale on the original prototype is individually detailed and hand-sculpted - in fact, every inch of this impressive Trex figurine screams originality. Vanilla Ice comes in two colour variants: Jungle (green) and Mountain (grey) and is arguably their most collectable model to date.

Model size ... 42cm long x 12.5cm tall

Packaging size ... 24.5 x 9 x 14cm

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11th Dec 2019

Terrifying and magestic. Worth Every Penny

I am in love with my newest dino! It's not ridiculously huge that it doesn't fit in with most of the larger dinosaur toy brands such as Collecta, Safari, Papo and Mojo but still large enough to be terrifyingly imposing on the dinos of those collections. Will definitely buy more from the Rebor line. I love the adjustable tail. The images show the mouth gaping open Im unsure if mine opens that wide - but its new and I don't want to force it too hard. #1 dino I own regardless :)

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