Creative Beast Studios’ Styracosaurus Albertensis is an impressively sculpted largeceratopsian (or horned dinosaur). It has been painted vibrant shades of turquoise, red, yellow and blue with some white stripes on its back, taking inspiration from the colouring of a common green forest lizard. It features a large, elongated and spiked frill at the back of its skull, and a long horn at the top of its nose. Scaly detailing is evident across its body from its bone-coloured beaked mouth, across its strong and uniquely patterned neck frill, all over its muscular body and legs, as well as down its tail. This ceratopsian has 20 points of articulation, is sculpted in 1/18th scale, and comes in a window display box with unique background display insert.

Approx 30cm long

Creative Beast Studios figures are collectible figurines. While they are really cool poseable models they should not be treated roughly or regarded as toys for young children. They include numerous removable PVC parts and POM sockets. Some components include an embedded wire for increased posing options. Recommended age 15+