Road Train 1:87 Scale

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The impressive American-style truck decorated with impressive chrome parts tows twin 3-axle luggage trailers linked with a Dolly over lonely highways. 18 wheels with rubberized tyres give a smooth ride on any surface.
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1 Review

18th Jun 2015

Road Trains in Australia

This is a great production of a road train that operates across Australia. The configurations can be two, three or four trailers with big horsepower prime movers towing these long trailers measuring up to 40-50 metres long. These road trains haul general freight fuel, iron ore and stock over long or short distances. Congrats on a great product. Foot note: They have created massive road trains in the past by coupling trailers to trailers to make up a kilometre + long and hauled by one prime mover over a set distance to record world records.

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