REBOR’s Ekrixinatosaurus Epitaph Plain Variant is an impressive, museum quality model of the South American dinosaur. It is painted in various shades of brown, with a light underbelly. Its small, poseable forelimbs rest on its chest, while its strong legs allow it to stand steady. Its articulated jaw opens to showcase a ferocious set of sharp teeth, and its flexible tail assist with balance and strength. Its predatory eyes are red and scaly and wrinkled details are evident across its entire ancient reptilian body, making this dinosaur model the perfect addition to your prehistoric collection.

REBOR 160789 Ekrixinatosaurus Epitaph Plain Variant, Released April 2021.

1:35 Scale

Approx. 41 x 14 x 10cm

Suitable for ages 3+. Made of Polystone.

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