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Velociraptor 2012

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Schleich released the Velociraptor in 2012 as part of their Dinosaurs range. This figurine is sculpted in a standing pose and features an articulated jaw. There are some feathers underneath it's forearms and the killing claws on it's feet are lifted for a lifelike feel. Fun facts about the dinosaur: Velociraptors were probably very intelligent dinosaurs who hunted in packs. Although they were only 70 centimetres tall, these carnivores could overpower significantly larger prey. These dinosaurs reached speeds of up to 65 km/hour and were able to make quick turns thanks to their stiff tails. To eat their prey, Velociraptors had eighty sharp, curved teeth in their flat snout, some of which were 2.5 cm long. Velociraptors are thought to be one of the most intelligent and swiftest dinosaurs. A cunning hunter. Approx. 16 x 4.5 x 9 cm (LWH)
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3 Reviews

4th Jan 2016

No feather- oh wait kinda

The feathers on the arm are basically nothing not even different colour. Ok model but could be better

4th Jan 2016

No feathers

Isn't like jp but not accurate. Another out dated raptor and keeps kids in the past. But it does have good detail and a moveable jaw, so still a good model.

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