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Tangled - Mother Gothel

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Mother Gothel is the evil witch in Disney's Tangled. She's old and haggard, but is able to turn young and beautiful with the help of a magic flower. After the magic plant is pilfered from her to cure the pregnant queen of a disease, Gothel wants revenge. She wants the hair of young princess Rapunzel. However, the magic hair loses its effect when it's separated from Rapunzel, so Gothel kidnaps baby Rapunzel and locks her in a remote tower. She makes the young Rapunzel believe that she is her mother, and regularly uses Rapunzel's hair to retain her youth. Mother Gothel is Rapunzel's only contact with the outside world– a deceitful, malicious woman who has exploited and cheated Rapunzel her whole life.  © Disney  

Approx. 10cm tall

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