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Saichania and Giganotosaurus small

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Schleich released the Saichania and Giganotosaurus set in 2016 consisting of two small dinosaur figures. This pack includes both figures hand-painted in stunning bright colours. A keepsake box complete with a volcanic background and rocky floor make it a perfect gift for any young dino lover!   Fun facts about the dinosaurs: The Saichania was as heavily armoured as a knight in his heavy suit of armour. Instead of metal, it had thick, impenetrable bony plates all over its body; even on its head and under its belly. Sharp spikes on its back and head also provided it with protection. To defend itself, it would hurl its club-shaped tail with great force against its attackers. In contrast, the Giganotosaurus used its long, narrow tail the way a tightrope artist uses a balancing pole. This enabled it to maintain its balance when walking. Box approx. 18.8 x 16 x 17 cm (LWH) Saichania approx. 12.5 x 5.5 x 5 cm (LWH) Giganotosaurus approx. 14 x 6 x 11.3 cm (LWH)
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