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Mini Dinosaurs with Marshland Puzzle

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Schleich released the Mini Dinosaurs with Marshland Puzzle in 2016. This set features 4 small hand painted dinosaur figures as well as a 24 piece waterhole puzzle! Once the puzzle is complete, the dinosaurs can play and discover their swamps land. This playset can be joined with other Schleich dinosaur puzzles and makes the perfect gift for any young dino lover! Fun facts about the dinos: In the swamp set you will find two carnivorous and two herbivorous dinosaurs that lived in swamps, in the marshlands, or on estuaries. The Suchomimus had a narrow, lightweight body and was thus perfectly adapted to this type of ground. It hunted for fish there with its sharp claws, which were up to 30 centimetres long. Much smaller, but also equipped with sharp claws, was the fast and dangerous Velociraptor. Kentrosaurus and Triceratops were two peaceful herbivores that had horns and spikes to protect them against predators. Can be combined with the waterhole puzzle!

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