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Dunkleosteus Schleich

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Schleich released the Dunkleosteus in 2016. This prehistoric fish is sculpted showing rigid and thick teeth. It also features an articulated jaw. With a hand-painted finish, this Schleich figure is a must for any prehistoric collector! Fun facts about the creature: The Dunkleosteus is an extinct prehistoric fish. The largest of the kind would have measured up to 10m in length, weighing up to 3.6 tonnes! Due to its heavily armoured nature, Dunkleosteus was probably a relatively slow but powerful swimmer. Approx. 21.5 x 4 x 6.5 cm (LWH)
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1 Review

3rd Dec 2016

Deadly Dunkleosteus

This Dunkleosteus is great. It's bigger than others and the movable jaw with scissoring bone/teeth is great fun for playing. Excellent.

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