Poison Dart Frog

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App: 6cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 3 - 7 g - Size: 12 - 50 mm - Life expectancy: 10 years - Found in: South America - Colour: various Poison dart frogs, also known as coloured frogs, are anurans that are subdivided into approximately 170 species. Three species of the genus are used by Indian tribes for dart poison. However, not all substances excreted by poison dart frogs through skin glands are deadly neurotoxins. However, if a person touches the poison, muscle and respiratory paralysis occurs. In humans, this can lead to death after approximately 20 minutes. Poison dart frogs are among the most poisonous animals in the world. The animals ingest their poison by eating poisonous prey. The poisonousness of captive animals therefore decreases over time if they no longer have access to suitable food animals. Offspring are therefore not poisonous in most cases.

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