For assembling, collecting or mixing heads, bodies, legs and many other parts! Disassemble again - combine differently - endless fun every day! In the first big PLAYMOBIL® movie, Marla and her younger brother Charlie are catapulted head over heels into the magical, animated PLAYMOBIL® universe. To find Charlie Marla embarks on the adventure of her life. It begins an exciting journey through the PLAYMOBIL® worlds with spectacular experiences and many new, weird and lovable friends. Get the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie © Figures Bag and discover the cool, crazy and unique movie characters.

NOTE: Each bag contains one of the 12 figures that make up this series. Unfortunately, we can not take into account requests for specific characters. If you buy more than one surprise bag, you could get several copies of the same piece.

Playmobil 70069 Movie Figures.

Human Figures approx: 7.5cm tall

Recommended for ages 5+. Made from Plastic.