Lucky and Miss Flores did not have the best start and always have their differences in the Dreamworks animation 'Spirit: Riding Free'. When Miss Flores falls in love with Lucky's father, things get really complicated. But it does not help, Lucky has to go to school anyway. Reluctantly, Lucky enters the classroom and sits down at the table. Miss Flores writes the first words on the chalkboard, and once they're all there, they're off.

This Playmobil set includes 1 Lucky, 1 Miss Flores, 1 board, 1 desk, 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 set of writing and painting accessories (6 parts), 2 flashcards, 3 books, 1 stack of books, 5 candles, 1 pot, 1 bucket, 1 paint box, 2 rulers, 1 cake, 1 cake scoop with cake piece, 1 tray, 1 bag, 1 sticker sheet with reusable stickers

Playmobil 70121 Miss Flores' Classroom

Human Figures approx: 7.5cm tall

Recommended for ages 4+. Made from Plastic.