Pelican Bullyland

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App: 13cms long The plumage of most pelicans is white with black-tipped wings. They are water birds. Pelicans can be found in all parts of the world except Antarctica. They can attain a body length of 1.80 metres, a wingspan of almost 3.5 metres, and a weight of 13 kilograms. A special characteristic of pelicans is the bill, which is almost 50 centimetres long. The pouch located underneath, which has a capacity of up to 13 litres, is used as a landing net while fishing. It’s true that the wings are long and wide. However, the weight makes getting airborne difficult. A pelican has to race a long way on the water, wings flapping, before it can take off into the air. Other than that, it is a hardy flyer and can fly up to 24 hours without a break. In the process, it will cover up to 500 kilometres at an airspeed of 56 km/h and an altitude of more than 3,000 metres. All water birds have webbing on the four toes of their feet. The webbing produces strong propulsion, which is convenient when swimming. On land, however, pelicans are awkward figures.

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