Worldwide Shipping

MiniZoo welcomes international customers. In fact, you make up more than 20% of our total business!

"Hi Jason, My order of June 14 was delivered on Friday June 24 in just 10 days for the record.
Many thanks again for the good service. Best Regards, Karel" (Netherlands)

"My order arrived today and I could not be more thrilled. I have to say that these new CollectA models are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for your superior customer service. Because of your amazing turnaround time, I am now able to show these off to my collector friends! Cheers to everyone at MiniZoo! David" (USA)

"Just want to let you know that you are the BEST BY FAR of all the miniature animal outlet on this entire planet. The dealers here in the U.S. can not compare." Edward Russell - Russell Bros Circus (USA)

MiniZoo has partnered with:

  • DHL Global Mail to bring low cost, trackable shipping to our international customers.
  • Australia Post for SUPER quick Express Courier services


How does it Work?

DHL Global Mail

  1. we pack your order and arrange for a local courier to pick it up (usually within 24hrs)
  2. the courier transports your parcel to DHL in Sydney
  3. from Sydney it is flown to either Germany or New Zealand for central processing
  4. from the central sorting hub it is flown to your country
  5. after passing customs checks your package is transferred to your domestic mail service
  6. your domestic mail service delivers your parcel to you

Express Courier

  1. we pack your order and arrange for the Australia Post Courier to pick it up (usually within 24hrs)
  2. the courier transports your parcel to Australia Post in Sydney
  3. from Sydney it is flown to your nearest major city
  4. it is delivered by domestic courier to your door

* buyers' tip ... Express Courier is a more secure option for countries where the domestic mail service is not reliable


How much does it Cost?

The freight cost is based on the parcel weight, and is adjusted in 100gram increments up to 2kg, then in 500gm increments above 2kg up to a maximum of 10kg.

To estimate your shipping cost follow these simple steps:

  1. add products & and go to your MiniZoo shopping cart
  2. click 'estimate' on the shipping line & add your country, state and zipcode
  3. click 'estimate shipping'
  4. choose your preferred shipping option

You can continue to add or remove products & experiment with the shipping cost by repeating the above process.

* buyers' tip ... It is often cheaper to send by EXPRESS courier once your parcel is over 2kg!!


Can I Track my Parcel?

Yes! You will receive an email when your parcel ships containing your international tracking number.

* buyers' tip ... Once your parcel has arrived in your country you can also track it through your local postal service or other international mail tracking sites. For example, USA customers can use


How Long Does it Take to Arrive?

DHL Global Mail

  • The average time for most international parcels to arrive is 2-3 weeks.
  • Parcels to the USA and parts of Asia arrive in 1-2 weeks on average. New Zealand is typically less than 1 week.

Express Courier

  • 4-5 days between major metropolitan areas. Most parcels are delivered within 1 week from order date.

Factors that affect the delivery time include time in customs, efficiency of the domestic mail service, public holidays, extreme weather and peak delivery periods (in December).

If your parcel hasn't arrived after 3 weeks from the shipping date you can contact Jason on for a follow up.


Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, Visa and Mastercard for international orders.


Are there any Extra Charges?

There are no hidden or extra charges from MiniZoo.

It's important to note that some governments charge import taxes / duties on goods brought in from overseas (usually when over a particular value). Any such taxes, if levied, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Currency conversion charges may be charged by PayPal, Visa & Mastercard.


Other Matters

*Note - box sizes are limited to a 140cm (55 inch) girth for international freight by Australia Post

  • If you have any other questions regarding ordering from overseas please contact Jason on

MiniZoo will not be held responsible or liable for items lost in the postal system.


Updated 5/6/17