Lottie the Lady Beetle Storyscene by Let Them Play is a beautiful wooden piece perfect for small world play when creating an inspiring garden or magic themed scenes with your MiniZoo model animals. Lottie’s wings are coloured red with cut out holes instead of black spots, while her body, legs and sweet, smiling face are uncoloured highlighting the beautiful natural wood that she is made from.

The Let Them Play Toys StoryScene Collection has been designed to create unlimited Small World Stories for your children. Bringing a vertical element into their play set ups, each piece of the StoryScene range is interchangeable with the 4 different sized stands (sold separately) to allow unlimited creativity and options.

Lottie the Lady Beetle measures 9cm wide and is made from 9mm thick FSC certified Australian Pine Ply. It is hand-dyed with eco, non-toxic dye and designed to fit into either the LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL  or MINI stand (sold separately). This is a delicate item and not designed to be a toy.

Each StoryScene piece is individually made and the unique wood grains will vary between each piece. This adds to the character and shows the true beauty of natural wood.  Each piece has been dyed by hand using Eco wooden dyes. Colours may appear slightly different from photos due to variations in lighting and the natural nature of how different wood grains absorb colour.

These pieces are not designed to be wet.  A small amount of excess colour may rub off if they come in contact with water. 

Sold individually. All other items sold separately.

Parental supervision is required at all times. Please check your items before use and discard if they show any signs of damage. 

Suitable for ages 3+