The Australian Birds Stampers by Let Them Play is a set of 6 beautiful wooden round stamps perfect for playing with dough and learning about native Australian bird. This set includes a willy wag tail, an owl, a kookaburra, a magpie, a cockatoo, and an emu.

This Stamper Set is a wonderful tactile resource that adds a natural shape stamp to all sorts of sensory materials like play dough, kinetic sand or clay.

Each of the Let Them Play Stamper Sets have been hand designed and use marine grade 3mm Australian plywood for the shapes to give a water safe and deep shape impression. Each stamp measures 43mm in diameter and approx 30mm tall.

Each piece is individually handcrafted from Australian Tasmanian Oak therefore the unique wood grains may vary slightly between items. This adds to the character and shows that each piece is made, by hand, just for you! 

Parental supervision is required at all times. Please check your items before use and discard if they show any signs of damage. 

Suitable for ages 3+