The Folkmanis Rat in a Tin Can Hand Puppet has emerged from its secret hideout, found his way into the kitchen bin, and is ready to play peek-a-boo with you. This cheeky, soft, tiny, squeaky friend partially emerges from his tin can home, making it convenient for you to carry him on an adventure, or play at home. He is made of soft, white and black, plush fabric with tan ears, claws and long tail. He holds a red and white chequered cloth, and he instantly comes to life when he pops out from his metallic silver tin can hidey hole, which features an opened lid, making him the perfect friend to join in your puppet shows, interactive storytelling, and imaginative play.

Folkmanis 3084 Rat in a Tin Can Hand Puppet

Please note Folkmanis Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos.

Approx. 20 x 12.5 x 20cm

Suitable for ages 3+