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Edaphosaurus means 'Pavement lizard'. It is not a dinosaur but a Synapsid like Dimetrodon, that CollectA released last year. However unlike Dimetrodon it was a herbivore. It had a small head compared with its body size and a dense battery (or pavement) of teeth for crushing vegetation which gave it its name.
Like dimetrodon it also had a sail on its back but this had cross bars projecting horizontally and the Edaphosaurus evolved their sails independently of dimetrodons. This CollectA model raises the body off of the ground for walking like a modern crocodile.

CollectA 88841 Edaphosaurus  - Released Feb 2019

Approx. 20 x 7.5 x 7.8 cm (LWH)

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1 Review

5th Mar 2019

Collecta Edaphosaurus

A highly detailed piece that looks great with the collecta dimetrodon.

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