The Southlands Diprotodon Opatum replica is scuplted in 1:15 scale and has been carefully reconstructed from the skeleton up to reveal a lifelike representation of this amazing Pleistocene era mammal. Every detail is included from the "two forward teeth" from which the Diprotodon name is derived, to the rear-facing pouch which was a classic feature of the female of the species (similar to today's wombat). Diprotodons were the largest marsupial to have ever lived with males growing up to 3-4 meters in length (similar in size & weight to a hippopotamus).

Southlands Diprotodon figurine, Released late 2018

Approx: 16.5 x 6 x 11cm (LWH)

Suitable for ages 3+. Made from a firm but flexible hollow vinyl with a similar feel to PVC but considerably lighter in weight. Painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

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23rd Dec 2018

Southlands Replicas Diptrotodon

This is a beautiful model. The details are very good, the teeth, the pouch, the painted stripe on the shoulder, even the bottoms of the feet are detailed. It's a great addition to a prehistoric mammals, among the largest marsupials. Its a great collection addition if you enjoy collecting prehistoric mammals.

16th Dec 2018

Southlands Replicas Diprotodon

This amazing figure is a must have for your collection!!! She is sculpted beautifully. The details are delightful... The tiny wrinkles above her gorgeous nose... her ears suit her perfectly... the special teeth that Diprotodon had, in a beautifully sculpted mouth including lips... the fur detail over muscling... the pouch... the pads under her feet with claws... the colors & paint design skilfully helps draw the eye away from the necessary seam. She displays beautifully with the Southlands Replicas Thylacoleo Carnifex Marsupial Lion, probably one of her biggest adversaries. She is brilliant all over & I highly recommend that you include her in your collection!!

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