Deinonychus Antirrhopus Trio (Cerberus Clan) 1:35 scale

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The Cerberus Clan is a versatile trio of Deinonychus Antirrhopus'. REBOR has continued their product innovation by inserting a wire inside the extra soft and flexible body to enable the models to be posed in various ways. The front limbs/wings are removable and can also be posed. The jaw is articulated, further adding to the playability of these fun little critters. Each of the three models (nicknamed Tooth, Shoot & Thrill) have been uniquely painted with black striping along the back and bold facial markings. They also come with their own little base that joins onto and forms part of a larger diorama along with Acrocanthosurus Atokensis (Hercules) and Tenontosaurus Tilletti Corpse (Ceryneian Hind) which are sold separately.

Each member of the clan is made in 1:35 scale and measure 13 x 4.3 x 5cm (LWH) excluding the base. Comes presented in the classic REBOR black box which is 16cm tall x 20cm long.

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1 Review

7th Feb 2018


These very dainty but beautifully produced little models all share the same detailed sculpt, but have individual colour schemes and a degree of movement in the jaws, necks, arms and tails which allows them to be placed in individual poses. The paint application on my trio is superbly applied, and the detail in the tiny mouths is most impressive. Information card and each base includes the Deinonychus’s name and a picture of its skull. All round, a must-have! An excellent set.

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