App: 12cms long Interesting facts: - Weight: 24 - 32 kg - Size: 54 - 60 cm - Life expectancy: 10 - 14 years - Colours: black and white The puppies are born white. After 10 - 14 days, they finally get their spots. These spots can change through the entire first year of life.  The dog is a clean animal and does not like to be dirty; therefore, he washes himself a lot. His tongue is used as a washcloth. His fur is untangled and smoothed using his claws and teeth. If he smells bad or has gotten into the dirt, he should be bathed. Be careful when bathing. Do not allow shampoo to get in his eyes or water to get in his ears. The dog is a carnivore, but he also eats grass, leaves and grains. You should put his food out daily at the same time and at the same place. He quenches his thirst with fresh water. He must drink a lot, especially if he gets dry food.

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