REBOR's Ceratosaurus Dentisculcatus Savage is on the hunt. The model is sculpted in a realistic crouched position and features an articulated jaw. Also included is an incredibly detailed removable base to add to your diorama.

Released 2015. 1:35 Scale

Approx. 27.5 x 5 x 9 cm (LWH) without base Box approx. 31.4 x 7.6 x 18.1 cm (LWH)

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4th Jan 2018

Ceratosaurus Dentisculcatus "Savage"

This figure is highly detailed and more-or-less scientifically credible. Both the PVC figure and Poly-stone base are well sculpted and painted. The teeth and eyes are individually painted with care and there is realistic weathering on the claws and feet. Unfortunately the figure has a common standing issue which reoccurs after numerous heat re-sets on my copy. This results in the figure's feet not matching which the foot placements carved into the base, and being virtually impossible to stand without it. The articulated jaw on my copy does not "click into place" and simply recloses itself. The information card included with the product (whilst being a nice touch) has numerous grammatical and punctuation errors which detract greatly from the "museum quality" feel which Rebor touts for their products. Overall, the figure is an excellent representation of Ceratosaurus boasting incredible detail and life-like colours. However, there are several issues with the figure which one should be aware of when considering a purchase. For the asking price of this product, there are many other great museum quality lines elsewhere which are not bogged down by the issues with this product.

17th Dec 2017


Great product, very detailed! Must have for collectors well designed and acurate skull shape, thou easily fall over

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