Carnotaurus Sastrei Crimson King

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REBOR's Carnotaurus sastrei Museum Class Replica “Crimson King” comes with articulated lower jaw, rotatable arms and lava land diorama base.

Crimson King is made in REBOR's standard 1:35 Scale

Approx: 26 x 4.5 x 10cm (LWH) - plus base height 1.5cm
Packaging size: 28 x 9 x 14.5cm (LWH)

"Three lullabies in ancient tongue for the court of the Crimson King."

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2 Reviews

4th Jan 2018

Carnotaurus Sastrei "Crimson King"

This figure is highly detailed and more-or-less scientifically credible. Both the figure and base are extremely well sculpted and painted. The teeth and eyes are individually painted with care and there is realistic weathering on the claws and feet. The model is seemingly much sturdier in build than some of the earlier Rebor figures (perhaps different material) and as a result does not have any standing issues (unlike their Ceratosaurus, for example). Unfortunately, the information card included with the product (whilst being a nice touch) has numerous grammatical and punctuation errors which detract greatly from the "museum quality" feel which Rebor touts for their products. The figure's feet also seem slightly oversized and disproportionate to the rest of the animal, likely to aid in balance. Overall, the figure is an excellent representation of Carnotaurus boasting incredible detail and life-like colours. The articulated jaw works perfectly and the posable arms is a nice touch. Ultimately a recommended piece for collectors; however, there are some issues with the figure which one should be aware of when considering a purchase.

17th Dec 2017

Excellent product

Excellent product with the qualities you come to expect Rebor continue to surpass expectation by producing great looking and detailed dinosaurs. The Carnotaurus is no exception. This must now be the best looking Carnotaur any company has produced. I`m very,very pleased with it, and can`t wait for more dino`s from Rebor.

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