The Creative Beast Studio introduces the Build-A-Raptor Sets. This unpainted customizable set includes: 1 main raptor figure, 1 base 2 posing rods (standing and jumping),1 set of running toes, and various interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts included: 5 heads, 2 head crests, 3 jaws, 3 feather neck collars, 1 chest feather attachment, 3 tails, 2 sets of different sized sickle toe claws, 3 sets of different primary wings, 3 collars, chest feathers, and pelvic feathers. Parts are interchangeable between both Build-a-Raptor sets.

Sculpted in 1/6 scale by David Silva.

Creative Beast Studios figures are collectible figurines. While they are really cool posable models they should not be treated roughly or regarded as toys for young children. They include numerous removable PVC parts and POM sockets. Some components include an embedded wire for increased posing options. Recommended age 15+