Breyer’s Traditional 2021 Arctic Grandeur Horse is an exceptionally beautiful snowy horse that will take you on a magical Christmas adventure. Its body is painted in shades of grey, with black mane and tail, and a white tip on its tail and white socks. On its back is a magnificent, warm, fluffy, white saddle blanket which features a deep red pattern, which matches the red tassels attached with glittering gems. The blanket is tied at the front with a perfect Christmas bow and its tack is white and silver, adding to the magic of this horse model. On top of its saddle blanket is a small, leafy green branch from a fir tree, upon which a small arctic fox has made a bed. Finally, its white feathered headpiece ensures the grandeur of this snowy holiday horse.

Breyer 700124 Traditional 2021 Arctic Grandeur Horse, Released 2021.

1:9 scale

Ages 3+